About Us​

Gulnar Cafe & Sweets w.l.l

A wonderful coffee house that combines cozy ambiance and high-quality coffee.

Gulnar Café and Sweets w.l.l is committed to providing the best
services, luxury Turkish sweets and restaurants services. The
management of Gulnar has over ten years of experience in this jobs,
starting with their first venture, Al Qala’a Café. After achieving great
success, they decided to expand their business by opening Al Tayebat
Restaurant with its three branches in Syria. They then opened a new
branch in Canada, which received the trust of the Canadian
Government’s Ministry of Health and Tourism with certificate number
9999, thanks to its outstanding success. Later, they opened a branch
in Bahrain under the name Gulnar Café and Sweets w.l.l . The
project was a huge success and encouraged them to think about
developing the company in the Kingdom by increasing the branches
and diversifying the products and services offered.

The brand and trademark

The brand name of the company (Gulnar Café and Sweets w.l.l) has
been approved by the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism in
the Kingdom of Bahrain under CR / 153367 /, and we are currently
working on registering the name and logo as a trademark in
all GCCC. The attached trademark has also been approved as the
company’s logo on all companies official pages in the colors red and
green and a white background.

We Serve One of the Best Coffee!​

The place where different coffee beans from all over the world meet.

A coffee enthusiast’s dream destination is a place where different coffee beans from all over the world meet. This is where unique and diverse flavors emerge, each with its own distinct aroma and taste. Coffee beans sourced from different regions have their own characteristics, influenced by factors such as climate, altitude, and soil conditions. When these different beans are combined, the result can be a complex and rich blend that is truly one-of-a-kind. This meeting point of coffee beans is where the magic happens, and where coffee lovers can experience the world in a cup in Gulnar Café & Sweets.